Photo Projects, Experiments and Series


Seeing as I do not have a profession in the field, and am always willing to learn, I do not see myself as a professional photographer. I have only briefly studied the
art of photography, and never continually - besides in secondary education - practiced the chemical process of developing photos.

Photography has been a full-time passion of mine since seven, as - soon after immigrating from Cuba - I found a Kodak Instamatic 110 in my neighbor's trash,
along with a box of discarded National Geographic magazines. This was most certainly a gift from the Muses, as a deep interest was then intensely sparked.

Being a late bloomer, my love only found its way to 35mm near the end of high school, and my use of digital photography only began in 2007.
In 2011, galleries began hosting my photos, and though having an eye to set up a view, along with the luck to capture a moment, I simply takes photos.


Miscellaneous, 2003 - 2016: photos

Dead Horse Bay, 2010: photos

Broken (part I) / Bed-Stuy (parts II - VI), 2012: photos

Downtown to Midtown; Looking Up, 2012: photos

Appalachian Trail Disposable, 2012: photos

The Backpatches of the Maryland Deathfest, 2013: photos

The Backpatches of the Maryland Deathfest, 2014: photos

The Backpatches of the Maryland Deathfest, 2015: photos

Filmed several bands in the NYC area, 2011 - 2014: videos